Intervju med Matt Sorger

Matt Sorger, New York

How come you are here?
The Lord sent me, He wants to bring revival to Sweden! I met Elia and I love him and his family.

What has God been doing during the conference?
Oh, God has been releasing the spirit of revival and awakening. He has poured out His spirit and commissioned people to carry the fire.
Matt also prophesied about a move of the Spirit from house to house.

What is God saying to you about Sweden?
What He is pouring out here is going to go throughout Sweden, Norway and Scandinavia. There will be a move of God that would look different, homes will be set on fire, prayer meetings will be set on fire and spread from house to house.

So, did you enjoy the Swedish summer?
It’s snow. I love it, haha.


Text: Frida Bernström
Foto: Katarina Hedman